Internet Marketing Tips for the Small Business Owner

Authored By: Phillip Salinas

article-by-Doug-WilliamsInternet marketing is new and scary for many business owners. They don’t understand the technology. Technology changes at an ever increasing speed. Internet marketing is much less about technology and much more about connecting with people. Good Internet marketing combines clear communication and understanding people.

Marketing on the web is not very different than day-to-day marketing of your business. It is about people and helping them solve a problem or find something they need.

  1. Simple Design: Your website should highlight your content and what you offer. Avoid showy and overly elaborate designs since these distract from your message.
  2. Clear Message: People come to your website searching for a solution. Your job is to understand exactly why people come to your site and then make it easy for them to find it. If you are a restaurant, they want to know where you are located, the hours you are open and to see your menu.
  3. Action: Have a clear call to action. If you have people come to your site and then quietly leave, what benefit was it having them come to your website? Have visitors request a quote, sign-up for your newsletter or get a copy of your eBook.
  4. Helpful Advice: It is about engaging people with helpful information, “how to” advice and conversations. This can include a blog, how-to videos or a great FAQ or knowledge base area.
  5. Traffic Strategy: How are you going to attract prospects? According to Netcraft, there are about 650 million websites on the Internet. Plan to use organic SEO, PPC, social media or a combination of all of these.


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