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Google Answers: How to make a grand entrance on the results page

Link Popularity | Posted on Jun 29, 2020 | Last updated on September 10, 2021

Do you want to be the first thing someone finds when they are looking something up? If so, you got to get to this spot called, Google Answers.

Google Answers is also called the Google Answer Box, Featured Snippets, and Rank Zero.

Sounds cool right? Well, it is!

Have you ever noticed when searching, Google gives you the answer without having to click on a link? Well, this is because Google has found that quick answers are the way to go. It selects the top result that has the most accurate answer to the queried question.

Google Answers is the place to be as it is the first thing that shows up on the SERP. Here are some answers to the questions you may have on how to get there. 

The quotes in orange are from an interview with Meridith Franco, Techna Digital’s own digital marketing specialist. I asked her for some advice on the matter and she was glad to provide some, which I will be sharing with you.

What are the benefits of appearing in the Google Answer Box?

google answers for google answer box

Some of the benefits of appearing in the Google Answer Box is that you get:

  • Fulfillment, having the most trusted and accurate information about the topic
  • Visibility, even though you may not organically appear on the SERP
  • More clicks on your page, if you leave just enough information to get their curiosity
  • Satisfaction, by appearing even before your closest competitor
  • Authority, being “hand-picked” by Google to be an expert in the subject

If these don’t make you want to try your best to get up there, then I don’t know what will.

Advice from Franco: “Appearing in Google Answer Box holds a two-fold benefit: 1.) It enhances your website/content’s reputation [such as] (branding, getting recognized as an authority on a particular subject matter, etc.) and 2.) It drives more clicks to your website–therefore, more leads to convert to sales or customers.”

What does it take to appear in the Google Answer Box?

list, table, paragraph

Appearing in the Google Answer Box may not be as hard as you think. It calls for a certain kind of formatting that makes it easy for Google to read. The best formats are lists, tables, and paragraphs. When things are easier to follow, they are easier to read for people and AI.

To appear, you want to have the best and most accurate answer to their question.

Advice from Franco: “Mainly content that is formatted as a Q&A type (with the highest relevance to the keyword/topic queried) has the best chance to get featured.”

How do I beat my competitors?

Well, the trick is, you don’t have to be the most popular website out there. So what if your competitor is getting more traffic than you? Does that mean you aren’t as good as them? No! It means that you might have an advantage over them. 

Someone’s rank (other than rank zero) has no power over Google Answers.

Tailoring your page to answer what people are wondering puts you in a higher spot than your competitors. The more accurate you are and have powerful references, the more Google will see you as the answer to their inquiry. 

Advice from Franco: “So, today, to “beat” or outrank a competitor, SEO must care more about providing exact/precise answers that can satisfy a search query’s intent. It means optimizing organic clicks, not just SERP positioning.”

Is this something I can do?

Of Course! All you need to do is just a few simple things. Focus on the format, content, and language. 

By format, this means the organization and layout of your content. Keep it in one of the optimizing formats that makes it easy for Google to read.

By content, this includes, but is not limited to, accuracy, references, shareability, and recent data. Having these qualities in your content is also how you can prove your authority.

By language, you need to make sure your answers to the queries are easy to understand and readable for a person. Google will pick the top answer that it deems suitable for an average person to read.

Advice from Franco: “…there are three main things you can do: Don’t be lazy…Be Original…Don’t over-optimize.”

Appearing in the Google Answer Box is like winning a gold medal. You win in a competitive sport but worked just a little bit harder to pass the others. The effort pays off, but the cool thing is, you don’t need that much to pass.

Thank you for reading and I wish you the best!

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