Faster Better Smarter Keywords That Really Attract Visitors

Authored By: Phillip Salinas

keywordsWhen people search on the web, they often qualify their general keywords to improve their search results. If people search for a home loan, they may search for ”best home loans”, “quick home loans” or “cheapest home loans.”  Searching for a dentist in Denver they may look for “best dentist Denver” or affordable Denver dentist”.

You should use these adjectives and adverbs to position your business and draw in interested visitors. There are four major categories of these descriptor keywords that you can use with your standard keyword phrases.

Fastest: People look for faster and quicker results. They will use search terms like fast, very fast, quick, instant and extreme. Examples would be fast weight loss, quick recipe, fast auto loans or instant hair makeover.

Best: People searching for quality are looking for validation of quality. People searching for premium products or services will use terms like best, premium, gourmet, fresh, top or choice. Examples would include gourmet coffee, best online businesses or top plastic surgeons in NYC.

Cheapest: These are people searching for the best deal. They will use phrases that include: free, cheap, cheaper, affordable, cheapest, wholesale, discount, inexpensive or low cost. Examples are cheapest home loans, wholesale coffee, free online diet plans or inexpensive dinner ideas.

Easiest: These are people searching for convenience and to make their life easier. Phrases will include easy, simple, convenient, 24 hour, emergency or full service.  Examples include easy home loans, simple coffee cake or emergency plumbing service.

Using these descriptors improves the messaging on your site and these are easier phrases to rank #1 for on Google. More importantly, these are ways actually search on the web so you will get increased traffic to your website.

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