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Do Business Blog Marketing Like a Superstar

Blog Marketing | Posted on Mar 17, 2013 | Last updated on July 21, 2023

business-blog-marketingYou have placed a blog on your business website to attract more visitors to your site. Now you want to begin doing business blog marketing. What are the best practices so your blogging will attract more interested potential buyers?

Topic: Your blog should focus on a single topic area. Choose a subject that your best buyers would be very interested in.

If you are a Realtor selling homes in Littleton Colorado and you wanted to attract sellers that could want to list their homes. You could write about home price trends in the Littleton market. Other Littleton topics might be how to maximize your selling price, how to prepare your home for sale, best home improvements to maximize selling prices. The key would be to focus on Littleton CO and home selling.

The key in selecting your topic is to make sure it is closely related to your business AND be something your target market would be very interested in.

Original: Business blog marketing should create content that the search engines will index. Each blog posting adds one more page to your website of keyword rich text. This helps your search engine rankings.

If you just cut and paste articles from other sources, search engines will ignore it as duplicate content. Instead rewrite it in your own words. You could also summarize a series of articles (prepare abstracts) and provide links to those articles.

Writing Guidelines: You should add new blog posts 1-2 times a week. More than 5 times a week and it is too much material for people to digest. Less than once per week and you won’t build up a regular following.

How long should a blog posting be? 250 words is an ideal length. 200 – 300 words would be a good range.

A blog posting should focus on a single topic and a single keyword phrase. This posting is focused on business blog marketing. The phrase is used in the Title and 2-3 times in the body text. You should link your keyword phrase once to the most relevant page of your website to help your website SEO.

You should write to make it very interesting to your target audience. If they don’t find it interesting, you can’t turn your blog writing into leads.

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