Why a Business Needs to Blog

Authored By: DaBina Donley

article by Doug-WilliamsBusinesses today have both a blog and a website as part of their digital marketing strategy. The blog and the website have very different purposes. The website is meant to promote and advertise products and services. The blog is meant to connect and build relationships. Business blog marketing should be looked at by any business that needs a strong online presence.

We decided to listen to what other business leaders are saying.

  1. Cliff Koraska of Koraska Interactive says: “My client recently installed a corporate blog and it has resulted in better customer interaction. From blog posts, we found that most people were not happy with our shipping policies . We made changes based on responses, and our repeat business is up 13%.”
  2. Chuck Goolsbee of digital.forest, Inc. says” We use a blog to communicate with our customers the status of our facility. Scheduled maintenance, expansion, etc. Since we use it to communicate everything from the mundane to the important, it REALLY becomes handy during a serious emergency – since customers have come to expect it as our main communications channel. So rather than call or email us, they look at the blog first.”
  3. Matt Wasserman of Batanga says “Periodically take some related blog posts, put them together, and turn them into a full length article. Then put them out on an article site for others to use. This builds your reputation and increases your reach.”
  4. John Bredehoft of Motorola says: “When I blog, I approach it as offering contributions to the community, which at times result in some interactivity between myself and my readers.”
  5. Matt Pfeffer of newMentor says: “A well-written, knowledgeable weblog can provide a crucial advantage to a business trying to distinguish itself in a competitive online marketplace.”

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