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Design Your Website for User Experience

Website Design | Website Planning | Posted on Dec 24, 2019 | Last updated on July 6, 2022

When a customer comes to your website, you only have seconds to influence them. By focusing on the user experience (often called UX design), you strive to create a frictionless experience that aligns with their daily life.

A web page designed for the user experience will convert much better.

What would a good UX Design be?

UX Design should be visually simple and intuitive to understand at a mere glance. This simplicity will save the user time and confusion when pages are laid out in a clean and easy to use way.

Keep your menu navigation simple, clear and consistent. Menus should have the simplest structure possible. Navigation options must be intuitive. Menus for the home page should be the same on every page.

Provide visual signals to help your visitors. Change the color of visited links to visually show where they have been. Make the important elements such as page headings, login forms, navigation items, or other important content a prominent so visitors see it right away.

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