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Dentist Websites Should Reflect Their High Tech Practice

Website Design | Posted on Jan 18, 2016 | Last updated on September 10, 2021

dentist websitesOver the past 25 years the business of dentistry has changed dramatically. Much of the change has been fueled by technology. Dentist websites needs to reflect the quality of care and the technology used in the dental practice.

In the early 90’s, dentists marketed themselves using yellow page ads in the phone directory or using newspaper ads. The World Wide Web was in its infancy.

Dental practices now market themselves with dentist websites, Facebook fan pages, Twitter accounts and blogs. When someone wants an answer, they “Google it.”

The practice dentist website is at the core of your branding effort showing how your practice delivers the best clinical results and uses the latest available technologies.

Technology continues to drive change in your dental practice with precise and almost instant solutions.

How you market your dental practice continues to evolve and change at a dizzying pace.

Mobile Dentist Websites

Digital technology has permeated the life of your patients with the smartphones and tablets providing easy Internet access 24 /7. This means that websites can no longer be a separate mobile website like we saw just 3 years ago, but now websites need to be responsive. Responsive technology allows a website to reformat and display properly on any size device.

Why should your dental practice invest in a new website? The website should help you reach your business goals.  A website should be planned to get specific results that will transform and grow your practice by attracting the best high value patients to come and take specific actions.

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