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Core Web Vitals Optimization Leads to a 40% Increase in Organic Search Traffic


Problem: Low Traffic
Duration: 5 Months
Solution: Optimize Core Web Vitals


  • 41% increase in page sessions
  • 20% faster page speed
  • Improved page ranking # spots

Optimizing core web vitals provides a myriad of benefits for websites. In this case study, we explore how core web vitals optimization brought significant improvements in organic traffic acquisition and clickthrough rates for one of our clients.

Founded in 1974, O’Connor Tax Reduction Experts is the largest property tax consulting firm in the United States. O’Connor’s team are experts in the areas of property tax, cost segregation, and commercial and residential real estate appraisals. The company coordinates more lawsuits and settles more binding arbitration cases than any other tax consulting firm in the nation.

O’Connor utilizes its websites to drive traffic into the company’s sales funnel. Recently, O’Connor management has not been impressed with the subpar loading times on some of the company’s websites. Specifically, the two domains named for this case study are poconnor.com and cutmytaxes.com.

Case Goals

POconnor.com performs functions such as property tax calculation, property locating, and data aggregation. Due to the nature of O’Connor’s services on the website, speed is vital. With over 10,000 pages attached to the domain, optimization was sorely needed.

Despite being well-known and trusted by countless previous clients, O’Connor Tax Reduction Experts understood that its websites could be better optimized for page speed with an end goal of increasing organic traffic.

Case Solution(s)

O’Connor hired Techna Digital Marketing to overhaul the company’s Core Web Vitals. Techna has over 20 years of experience helping businesses grow. The team’s strategy in this particular case was to boost O’Connor’s speed through the optimization of Core Web Vitals.

Techna focused on three of the most impactful CWVs that boost a site’s speed: Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout SHift (CLS). These three Core Web Vitals all play into your Chrome User Experience Report, which Google pulls from to decide your placement on the search page.

For more details on these Core Web Vitals, check out our past blog post!

Case Results and Conclusion

As the data suggests, the optimization of Core Web Vitals had a noticeable effect on the amount of individual visitor sessions recorded for both poconnor.com and cutmytaxes.com.

Whereas both websites were poorly rated beforehand—in fact, they were failing—the optimization of the Core Web Vitals significantly bumped up the desktop scores and more than doubled the domains mobile ratings. The client’s sites experienced more than a 16% and 40% increase in organic traffic, respectively. These metrics were measured across the same time frame, one year apart.

Check out the data for yourself below:

Figure 1. YOY Comparison of POConnor.com Organic Sessions during the period Feb 1-May 31,2022 vs Feb 1-May 31,2021

Figure 2. YOY Comparison of CutMyTaxes.com Organic Sessions during the period Feb 1-May 31,2022 vs Feb 1-May 31,2021

Figure 3. Timeline of the Core Web Vitals Optimization Work

Site Before Date Recorded After Date Recorded
Mobile Score Desktop Score Mobile Score Desktop Score
POConnor.com 38 80 10-14-2021 88 97 04-06-2022
CutMyTaxes.com 53 90 07-28-2021 96 96 04-06-2022

Table 1. Before Vs. After PageSpeed Insights Score

It is apparent from the above numbers that core web vitals optimization can provide a significant boost in organic search traffic. More importantly, it solves paint points of organizations like O’Connor who focus on user experience to facilitate an easier sign-up process for prospective customers.

Techna’s team observed two trends worth noting:

  1. There seems to be a correlation between better ratings for both core web vitals & increased organic traffic.
  2. Attaining better mobile and desktop scores has a greater positive impact on traffic than passing only in one and failing in the other.

In conclusion, optimization of Core Web Vitals for both mobile and desktop site designs is necessary to reap the full SEO benefits and attract more visitors. The speed and smoothness of a website’s assets and loading processes not only betters the user experience, but encourages Google to rank said domains higher up on the engine’s search results.

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