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web design trends 2022
10 Web Design Trends to Keep an Eye in 2022
Website Design

The web design trends you see now will continue to evolve, and web designers need to stay up-to-date on what the future holds by basing on the web design trends 2022. We are going to explore ten web design trends that you can explore in 2022. These designs are not set in stone but based…

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boost your seo
How to Improve Your SEO
SEO Strategies

How to Improve SEO: A Comprehensive Guide A lot of people are interested in how to improve their SEO. The best way is to make sure that you have good content on your blog. If the content is useful, it will rank higher for different keywords and bring in more traffic.  Many people have asked…

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local seo for your business
Local SEO is Important to Your Business
SEO Strategies

If you are a business owner working to grow your company, you should be concerned about why local SEO is important. Local SEO will help your website rank higher in search engine results pages. This will lead to an increase in traffic and more customers for your business. In this article, we will discuss why…

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Google on iPad
Keeping Your Google Ads Budget Under Control
Pay per Click

Google Ads is one of the best solutions being used today by businesses to reach their potential customers online.  It’s designed by Google to help ad campaigns appear on the search results page of Google every time a user searches for products and services related to what these businesses offer. How Does Google Ads Work?  Possibly…

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Winners and Losers: Google Update Recovery Guide
SEO Strategies

As the 2021 Google core update rolls out, webmasters see patterns in the spikes and dips in the visibility of certain websites. The June/July 2021 update created a seismic shift in sites’ visibility from an initial inspection. As a result, the webmasters need Google update recovery operation to salvage some sites from their sinking rankings…

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google core update
What Is a Google Core Update: A Quick Guide to Constant Improvement
Internet Marketing | SEO Strategies

The summer was sizzling for SEO experts and webpage managers alike as the latest Google core update rolled out last July 2021. With the new algorithm promising to punish sites that spam links. Experts are looking toward “older” sites using legitimate search engine optimization tactics to see a spike in their rankings. So, as we…

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web excellence awards
Web Excellence Awards: Press Release for 2021 Awards
Website Design

The internet is now the marketplace to end all marketplaces. It has brought together buyers and sellers from across the world, cutting through barriers of time and space to make items accessible at the click of a button. The WE-Awards recognize this fact. So, in their press release for the 2021 awards, they have identified…

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frustrated with seo not working
10 Reasons Why Your SEO Is Not Working
SEO Strategies

After several months of doing SEO on your site, traffic is still down, your rankings have not even improved, and your leads are still anemic at best. You feel like you’ve done everything by the book: fixing site errors, cleaning up your site of junk content, optimizing metadata and more!  Yet t, your site is still…

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Data reporting dashboard on a laptop screen
Customer Conversion Rate: What You Need to Know
Conversion Rate Optimization

When you are running an online campaign, you need to know your customer conversion rate. A good conversion rate would be an indication that you are running a great campaign. This would also mean that your product or content is resonating with your target audience. So, getting a good conversion rate would mean that your…

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marketing analysis
How to Create a Competitive Analysis for Marketing Plan
Business Consulting

Competitive analysis is determining the strength and weaknesses of your business competitors and comparing them to yours. The study will be your basis for creating a marketing plan. When creating a competitive analysis for a marketing plan, you need to start with an overview of your competitor’s business, compare your products of the same category…

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