Winners and Losers: Google Update Recovery Guide

Authored By: Phillip Salinas

As the 2021 Google core update rolls out, webmasters see patterns in the spikes and dips in the visibility of certain websites. The June/July 2021 update created a seismic shift in sites’ visibility from an initial inspection. As a result, the webmasters need Google update recovery operation to salvage some sites from their sinking rankings in the search engine.

However, what exactly did the updates roll out? Here are a few things you should know about the June/July 2021 Google core update.

Reversal of fortune

Experts point to increasing instances of websites that “lost” during the November 2019 core update are beginning to see significant improvement as the new Google algo update is rolling out. For now, it looks like the losers of the past are regaining their momentum and can claim victory in this new update.

The classics are back.

Despite quality content, some sites are seeing decreased visibility and activity. Experts are looking toward the subjects of their content. Posts on law, finances, and health and education recommendations are becoming increasingly unpopular. However, others argue that this is an effect of Google going back to basic (but effective) search engine optimization strategies like backlinking, website domain age, and other SEO-related factors.

Nothing is wrong

Google, however, assures websites owners hit by the update to relax and not to relax at the same time. Webmasters cannot relax as their decrease in ranking does not necessarily mean they’re doing something wrong. Because sometimes, there’s nothing to be fixed! This is also the reason why they cannot relax. Without anything specific to fix, Google update recovery is more complicated than anticipated.

With this in mind, how are you wondering how webmasters recover from these Google algo updates? The answer is straightforward: BETTER CONTENT.

If your site is experiencing decreased traffic and lower rankings, chances are the most recent Google core update has hit you. However, it doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong. Instead, it means other sites are doing some things better than yours.

With the rollout of this year’s latest updates, webmasters can and should take the time to take a step back and look at their sites and ask the following hard-hitting questions:

  • Is my site unique?

  • Does my site exhibit my brand’s expertise?

  • Do we sound trustworthy?

  • What is my edge over my competitors?

Knowing the answers to these key questions could spell the difference between a successful website and a plummeting one. So if you are looking to recover from a Google core update successfully, check out these four tips and get back on track.


4 Quick Google Update Recovery Tips

  1. Create content that speaks of your brand

No one will root for your brand more than you. If you cannot make yourself stand out through content that speaks highly of your product, no one will trust your brand. Remember, competence builds trust, and trust builds traction. Continue exuding an air of trustworthiness, and you’ll see user numbers rising.

  1. Address your clientele’s core problem

What does your client want? Know the answer and provide the solution. Users are looking for solutions online, and no matter what any Google algo update brings, everyone will be looking for solutions. Offer an irresistible and competitive one, and you’re on your way toward the top of the rankings.

  1. Be adventurous

Take a piece of advice from William Castle, an American film director, and producer who, to prove and promote how scary his movie Macabre is, offered a $1000 life insurance policy to all who would watch the film should they die due to fright. That was 1958. It is now 2021! You should be more daring, creative, and refreshing in the way you speak to your audience. Go out there and make some noise!

  1. Accept when to yield.

When you feel the effects of a core update, a Google update recovery plan is sometimes not always the best path. Most of the time, you’re doing fine. It can be better, but it also could have been worse. Learn to pick your fights, and always strive to do better.


Are you feeling more confident on how to approach this summer’s Google core update? Share your Google update recovery tips in the comments section, and we will check them out.


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