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Underperforming Websites: Is your website frustrating to visit?

Conversion Rate Optimization | Posted on Aug 10, 2019 | Last updated on February 14, 2023

website trafficFinally getting the right traffic for your site? That’s great! But how come your users are too quick to leave?

There’s so much more than just hitting the right traffic. In managing a website, you must be willing to do a lot of work, research, marketing, and everything in between to make it less frustrating for your audience. It’s also a business in itself!

If you’re still clueless why your websites are underperforming, check if your sites are into these pitfalls:

Your pages load too long

Did you know that an average consumer expects only two seconds for the whole page to load? They will immediately abandon your site if it took more than three seconds. That’s an interesting reality every brand struggles with. 

People prefer quick and easy-to-view content. They don’t have all day to wait for an image, especially for a whole page to load.

No one knows how to navigate it

If people decide to check out your site, only to find a big image or a navigation menu that looks intimidating, chances are, they won’t go any further. Aesthetics are great, but don’t make it too hard for them to get to know your site. It’s called ‘Visits’ for a reason– you must always make your visitors feel welcome.

You’re blinded about mobile

Well, surprise! Everyone’s on their smartphones now that they browse anything and everything using mobile. If your site looks different on mobile, and doesn’t function properly as it does in desktop devices, you may have found the culprit. The very reason why your websites are underperforming is that it’s poorly optimized on mobile.

Pop-ups everywhere

People are too net-savvy than before that the moment they see a pop-up, their mind would immediately tell them, “Spam!” And that’s it, the end of your good-looking website. Users know that brands want their attention already, and the worst way to confirm that is showing them annoying pop-ups— lots and lots of it.

Videos play by itself

Imagine a user is in the office and decided to poke inside your website only to be surprised by the loud sound of your video playing. If they’re too quick to think, they’ll hit the volume, but most probably, they would turn to close it once and for all.

Ads are notorious for making videos on autoplay, and people rebuff in-your-face ads. If you don’t want to be in the underperforming websites list, remember these four words: Leave your audience alone. Make them feel they are in full control, especially inside your site.

You don’t want to be found

Your website might be underperforming simply because it lacks integrity. Having a business means gaining your consumers’ trust. But how can they trust you back if you have no information about you inside your website?

Stating your business address in your website increases consumers’ trust. It secures them that you’re a legitimate business they can count on.

Keyword-heavy and useless content

Keywords surely help a lot in bringing traffic to your site, but if done incorrectly, can only create noise inside your content. Likewise, proper use of grammar and spelling also identifies your site if it’s something readers can trust or not. 

Content is king. Great and factual content, coupled with proper keywords that won’t be too awkward to read will add value to your site. People consume content because they want to be entertained or learn something. Make sure you’re putting that value in.

No clear CTAs 

Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons and links can be modified to every brand’s preference. It’s a step forward in every consumer’s buying journey. But if these don’t exist inside your website, how will you urge your audience to connect with you or buy your products?

You may have an underperforming website if your CTA links are broken or confusing. Imagine clicking on a ‘Learn More’ button, only to be redirected back to the homepage. Everyone should know that a proper user interface (UI) is essential to make a website successful.

In the online world today, competition is tough and if you’re not ready to learn the game, you’ll be left in the cold, dark corner of the web. Clearly, that’s never part of your plan when you started your website. Allow us at Techna Digital Marketing to provide you with the right approach to maintain a sustainable website that’s sure to keep your customers coming. 

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