Prune Your Website Now For Vigorous Growth Later

Authored By: Phillip Salinas

Has your website become stale? Are fewer visitors coming and the ones that do come leave right away? Maybe it is time to make your website fresh again. Prune away the dead, obsolete content. Remove or fix the broken links. Rejuvenate with a good content growth strategy. Add a compelling and enticing call to action.

Your website should be a living and growing marketing center for your business. At least annually, go in and refresh your website.

Dead content: Remove products and services that you no longer offer. Add in those that are new and update those that have changed. Use your analytics to help. Find pages with high bounce rates and low time on page. Rewrite these pages to make them more relevant and enticing.

Duplicate content: Remove duplicate content that may exist on other websites… or at least prevent them from being spidered with robots.txt files.

Broken links: Scan your website with a broken link checker like Xenu. Unlink or repair broken links. Add no-follow tags to external links to keep from passing link juice.

Blog: Add a blog or other content growth strategy so you are regularly adding keyword rich content to your website. It is this regular content additions that will make your website bloom.

Conversion form: Have a clear call to action visibly on the home page. Collect email addresses; ask for quotes or requests for free samples. Make sure you have a way for visitors to interact with your website.

At least annually perform a complete diagnostic website analysis to find what items on your website needs fixing.

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