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Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Marketing Services

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Other FAQs

If you are local in the Portland, Oregon or Vancouver, WA area, we can meet face-to-face. Otherwise we use desktop sharing such as GoToMeeting or JoinMe to share concepts and identify example websites that you like.

I am located in Vancouver, WA and do my local work in the Portland metro area. I have clients located throughout the US and Internationally in a number of English speaking countries.

I am a one person agency. Rather than have employees, I make use of my trusted relationships to get the work done. So yes… I do outsource to people that I know and work with. I personally handle the client communication, planning and most of the SEO work. I bring in the resources that best fit your business needs.

No, we won’t take on Pills, Porn or Casino websites.

No, we won’t take on “Pills, Porn or Casino” websites. These types of websites are also difficult to get ranked on Google.