10 eCommerce Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

Authored By: DaBina Donley

eCommerce is the new reality of the modern world! Today, almost every brick & mortar store has its own digital identity online. However, it’s not that easy! If you think that you will start getting orders as soon as you create your online portal, think again. 

Currently, eCommerce is more than just the regular selling of products. The elements of digital marketing, like SEO, SMO, and Google Ads, are the tools that allow you to redefine sales & revenues. Given their cost-effective nature, these marketing tools are some of the options to improving sales around target customers. 

Unfortunately, several vendors often get confused with the steps involved in utilizing these tools to their maximum potential and commit some mistakes. These mistakes might seem insignificant in their initial stages, however, they take a big turn later. To help you from committing such mistakes, we have curated a list of the top eCommerce marketing mistakes that you can easily avoid.  

Not understanding the audience that needs to be targeted

This counts as one of the most common mistakes by vendors of almost every type. Not realizing who your target audience creates a big miss in the eCommerce business as capturing the target market is the essence of using rewards. Being a seller, you need to understand who your target audience is because it works to help you design and obtain products and services. Understanding your audience and their demographics allows you to have improved insight into the business and can easily pair your tools with the target audience to design the best possible campaigns.

Improper product description 

You have finally found the ideal product that you were looking for. However, it lacks clarity in its description such as the dimensions, what it is used for, etc. how frustrating would it be? Your product descriptions help potential buyers get all the vital information around the product. 

Remember, your product description is the first thing that visitors read and understand about your services. Moreover, these descriptions are of great use when it comes to organic SEO. 

Not using social proof

Social proof such as testimonials. comments, ratings, and links to your social media are some examples of social proof. 

One of the most crucial mistakes you might make in your eCommerce venture is not including social proofs in your website. Social proof acts as the final push required for customers to complete the purchase process. It acts as a great means to push sales & credibility among the new buyers. 

Considering the highly competitive eCommerce market, social proofs help you vouch for your products. 

Tip: When using social proof, try highlighting them on your website’s most visible parts

Improper product data feeds

Not maintaining a proper updated data feed can be your biggest eCommerce marketing mistake. When you don’t update your product data feeds on a regular basis, the search engine fails to keep an index of your products and highlight it over search results. 

Search engines use crawlers to feed on the information provided to them and if you fail to update your feeds regularly, Google or any other search engine will fail to display accurate search results. This could mean that you are at a greater chance of losing potential customers. 

Tip: Update every minor bit of your inventory in the product feed. 

Poor user experience

While it’s easy for you to navigate your website to search for everything you need, the same can’t be said for your visitors. The user experience of your website plays a significant role in establishing sales & revenue. 

Nobody likes to shop on a website that either includes too many forms or has several pop-ups. It’s irritating! Therefore, while you are developing your store, ensure free from glitches and give a premium shopping experience.

Tip: Keep it simple! 

The website not optimized for mobile devices

Did you know that mobile users comprise 80% of the online traffic? Are you sure you would want to lose out on such a great sales opportunity? If not, then  you will need to consider optimizing your website for mobile devices. However, a majority of eCommerce vendors do commit this mistake by keeping their websites confined to computer systems. 

Tip: When you design a mobile store, ensure that it is created to fit devices of every size (monitor, mobiles & tablets).

Poor video marketing efforts

While you may already have a great video marketing strategy, all planned & plotted, something to consider is how effective it is. Not putting proper efforts into marketing your videos is another eCommerce mistake that you might be committing. 

While there are multiple platforms to help you create engaging video content, nothing is going to help you if you can’t make it engaging. You need to put in efforts to make your video marketing stand out. 

Tip: Try presenting a unique idea with your videos. 

Poorly defined email automation 

Emails are easily the most powerful digital tools that are going to stay beyond the current year. However, the extensive use of such tools has made the market more competitive than ever before. When you use emails correctly, they can provide you with improved revenue and high conversion rates. 

Many novice marketers struggle while setting up an automated email campaign. The possibilities provided by these accounts allow you to set emails for almost every step in the campaign. 

Tip: Emails are the most effective tool to help you establish a one-on-one connection. You can treat your regulars with some discount coupons or add-ons.  

Non-Consistent on social media 

Handling your social media effectively is one of the best ways to engage with your customers. However, when you fail to keep up with regular engagement with your audience, your followers may lose interest. 

Remember, consistency is the key to keeping up with your audience and engagement. Inconsistency makes you lose and break the audience. 

Tip: Stick to a regular posting schedule.

Not keeping a check on the analytics

Once you have created a detailed process of your campaign, the last step in the process is to analyze the accumulated results. Analyzing the results is an essential part of your campaign. 

Based on such results, you can easily modify your campaign and bring the desired results into action.


Similar to the other commerce marketing mistakes, eCommerce marketing mistakes will reduce your online store sales instead of driving them up. Ensure that you avoid these mistakes in your online business to get the maximum results. 


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