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Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Marketing SEO

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This depends on a number of factors such as how competitive the keywords are, age of the domain, is the site under penalty from past link building, etc. In general local SEO responds very quickly, often within a month because of relatively low competition. National competitive phrases can take a year to get results.

It is the absence of text that will hurt your rankings. Having Flash within your website does not hurt. Think of Flash much like any other graphic image; there is no text in Flash for the search engines to read.

Yes, we like to teach as we go. If we are doing the SEO implementation we teach at a high level. There are some corporations that have an internal web team that we are hired to train their team so they can implement. Usually we prepare the plans and do the keyword research and teach them how to implement. We offer monthly reviews to monitor progress.

Search engine optimization is about getting your website to appear prominently in Google’s results. SEO influences by carefully focusing your efforts on a keyword phrase and using it prominently and tastefully through your website. It is about creating content that is so compelling and interesting that other websites want to link to your content.