Blog Topic: Selecting a Topic for your Niche Blog

Authored By: DaBina Donley

blog-topic-selectionYou have decided that you want to add a blog to your business website. You have heard that having a blog on your website will help with your SEO on your site. How do you pick a to pick the right blog topic to write about?

What you write about should interest your prospects and be something you want to write about. Choose your blog topic to satisfy both.

What is the purpose of your blog? Is it a soapbox for you to talk about issues? Do you want to teach something? Are you trying to attract potential customers? Is it to reach a current customer base?

Choosing Your Blog Topic

Buyers Interests: Many times you want to attract an audience that could be potentially interested in buying your products or services. Start by asking what asking what topics would interest your best buyers at a stage prior to buying your services.

If you sold baby furniture, then you want to choose a topic that attracts new parents either before or at the time they are ready to buy baby furniture. You could create a blog that focuses on baby names and what names mean or you could do reviews on baby furniture.

If you were a specialty school such as a Flight Attendant school, then you could publish a blog written by Flight Attendants about real experiences that they experience in their job. People contemplating this type of career would research it before signing up with a school.

Your Interests: You need to select a blog topi that interests you. You are committing your time and resources so it should tap into your passion, your experience and something you would want to be researching. If you choose a blog topic that makes sense for your business but holds no real interest to you, then you will abandon it in a matter of months. Blogging takes a long term commitment so select a topic that you are passionate about.


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