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Pay-per-Click Advertising for Business Owners

You may be concerned about the high costs of online marketing and uncertain whether it will generate the necessary visibility for your website. We believe that a successful PPC campaign requires a thoughtful, and well-executed strategy. On top of that, it should be in line with your brand’s message and voice. At Techna Digital Marketing, we are passionate about seeing businesses succeed in their marketing efforts and everywhere else, and PPC is an area that creates that first interaction, and if everything else is right, leads to inevitable triumph. Our service starts at $950.00, and over time the price will vary based on your business’s unique needs. After one month, we will review all the implementations and analyze the results. Our team will take into consideration business objectives and goals for the next three months, then for the following six months, and finally for one year. Like all else online, change is inevitable. Change can come gradually or suddenly and unexpectedly. At Techna, we are not afraid of change and adapt with your success as our top priority.

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What to Expect from Techna Digital

Our PPC service is divided into three parts: A Full Account Audit, Set-Up/Implementation, and Monitoring/Optimization. Let’s break each one down:

  1. Full Account Audit
    • Overall account audit – This step allows us to assess the current state of your PPC campaign, identifying what’s working well and what needs improvement, ensuring a solid foundation for future optimizations.
    • KPI Audit – By evaluating Key Performance Indicators across campaigns and channels, we can gauge their effectiveness and identify areas where we can drive better results.
      Audience Audit – Analyzing and recommending audience sets and funnel strategies helps us refine your targeting and enhance your ads’ relevance to your potential customers.
    • Conversion Audit – Ensuring accurate conversion tracking and measuring campaign performance allows for data-driven marketing decisions, leading to more effective campaigns.
      Website Audit – A thorough analysis of landing pages and CRO recommendations helps optimize conversion rates, website speed, and user experience, ultimately leading to higher returns on your marketing investment.
    • Account Structure Audit – Examining keyword, ad group, and campaign structures ensures your account aligns with your brand objectives and maximizes efficiency.
  2. Set-up/ Implementation
    • Apply Recommendations – By executing the audit report’s suggestions, we prioritize addressing key areas of improvement for your account.
    • Improve Account Structure – Pausing old campaigns and implementing new strategies from the audit helps streamline your account and ensures resources are allocated effectively.
    • Fix Current Issues – Addressing issues related to conversion tags, audience set-up, automation tasks, and Google account linking ensures your campaigns run smoothly and accurately.
  3. Monitoring/Optimization
    • Monitor KPI’s – Tracking performance indicators such as CTR, Conversion rate, CPC, CAC, Bounce Rate, and more allows us to continuously evaluate and adjust your campaigns for optimal results.
    • Optimize Campaigns – Regular optimization based on KPI performance ensures your campaigns remain effective and aligned with your goals.
    • Scaling Campaigns – Adjusting budgets, expanding campaigns, and exploring new targeting opportunities helps grow your online presence and reach new customers.
    • Re-Audit – Periodic re-audits measure the progress of our marketing efforts and ensure continued alignment with your goals.
    • Weekly/Monthly Reporting – Providing detailed KPI reports and performance comparisons helps you stay informed and allows for informed decision-making.

Locations We Serve

Our digital marketing company is based in Vancouver, WA and provides local work in the Portland metro area. We have clients located all throughout the US that have trusted Techna to grow their business. Distance is not a problem for us. As long as you consider our firm as a partner for your success, we are always ready to help your business grow. Feel free to get in touch with us today.

Pairing PPC with a well-designed website and SEO will be highly effective in raising brand awareness, generating leads, and increasing sales.

Integrating PPC and SEO is like devising a masterful strategy in a game that demands skill. SEO patiently lays the groundwork, building organic traffic over time, while PPC acts swiftly, capturing attention and driving immediate traffic to your site. Our expert team, genuinely committed to your success, ensures that your marketing efforts work harmoniously. We craft a bespoke strategy that nurtures long-term growth and delivers meaningful results, making every move count.

At Techna Digital Marketing, we recognize the struggles of capturing your target audience’s attention and the costs associated with it. We are committed to maximizing the value of your investment. Our team will help you create captivating ads that not only grab your audience’s attention but also lead them directly to your website.