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Brand Development | Business Consulting | Internet Marketing | SEO Strategies | Posted on Dec 17, 2019 | Last updated on September 10, 2021

Do you have a very nice business website that you are proud of?  But it just does not bring in any leads. You have been making changes, but still, you aren’t sure what is wrong.

Questions a digital marketing review can answer:

  • Does your business appear trustworthy?
  • Are you giving your visitors an opportunity to act?
  • Is your website frustrating to visit?
  • Can people easily find your website?
  • What is your website content telling your visitors?

A thorough review will look to see if the site is properly optimized for search (SEO strength). It will look at your message, is it clear and targeting the right audience? Is there a clear call to action?  Does your website look trustworthy?

I want to include a special offer to do a professional website / digital marketing review on your business website. Our reviews are normally $297 and I will underwrite 100% of the cost for only four (4) Digital Marketing Reviews. Yes, it will be free, but limited to only the first four people. Please send your request to 

Want to learn more about what is included in a digital marketing review? Please go to the Digital Marketing Review page.

Our process is simple. We will contact you to gather info about your website, what your objectives are and what problems you want us to look at in-depth. We then complete the analysis and schedule a meeting with myself to discuss our findings/recommendations. This is done over GoToMeeting and we can send you a recording of the discussion if you like.

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