Digital Marketing Ideas for Christmas 2020

Authored By: Phillip Salinas

7 digital marketing ideas for Christmas!

Here are 7 ideas that will help your business this holiday season!

  1. Live Event/Prize Entry
  2. Holiday Promos
  3. e-Gift Cards
  4. Free Shipping
  5. Free Gift
  6. Happy Holidays Email
  7. Christmas Theme Items

Live Event/Prize Entry

Everyone loves to win something! You can host a contest on your social media or create an entry form on your website or via email. Offer a good deal such as a free item up to a certain value, or maybe a gift card. This will get your customers engaged and proactive with your brand.

Best Practice: Send out emails to your customers sharing about this event at least 2 weeks before you plan to host it. Use a social media platform to start a live video and ask for participants to submit a requirement to have a valid entry. Set a deadline for entries and then figure out which system you would like to use to determine the winner. Once chosen, announce the winner on your social media and let them know they won!

Holiday Promos

This is kind of a simple and classic step in the holiday sales season, and because so, some companies may be offering their deals earlier than you, which means many are finishing their shopping already. Offer your deals as soon as you can!

Best Practice: Offer a 20% off a $50 dollar purchase or $10 off 75. Either way you offer a promotion, make it worth it for the customer. If you can convey that your customers can make a good purchase and save money while doing so, then that works!

e-Gift Cards

Gift cards are something that brings customers to you. Whether they are returning or new, a gift card is promised money. Now, since online purchases are rising, physical gift cards might be less effective especially if your store-front is closed (due to COVID). So! Bring on the e-gift cards!

Best Practice: Offer a free $5 e-gift card with the purchase of a $30 one, or something of that sort. Sure, you are giving away money, but, you also get it back, as they can only spend that e-gift card at your store.

Free Shipping

Who doesn’t love free shipping! Personally, I would add more to my cart if I did not have to pay an additional $10 or any amount per item or weight for it to be shipped. Sure there is in-store pickup but, seriously? During this pandemic? Many are shopping online to reduce their efforts to the store, and with that in mind, make the shipping free! 

Best Practice: Advertise your free shipping via your website or by sending an email to your customers. There are a few ways that you can go about your free shipping. One way is to offer it for a short amount of time (ex. 1 week), a second way is to offer it with a minimum purchase (ex. Free shipping over $50), and the other way would be to just offer free shipping through the holidays (ex. November – December).

Free Gift

Again, everyone loves free! Offering a free gift with a purchase gives the feeling to the customer that they get more value. Even something small can be worth it. A quick example to share is that something as small as a free gift bag with a purchase, lets them save just that much money from needing to buy a gift bag.

Best Practice: Like free shipping, there are many strategies that you can use to offer this. You could offer the free item with a minimum purchase or just offer it with every purchase. One thing to consider is that the value of the gift will need to be reasonable for the purchase. 

Happy Holidays Email

Yes, the classic happy holiday mass email that is sent to customers. However, this is something that should be done to keep your customers loyal. Sending an email wishing a best and safe holiday shows that you can connect with your customer.

Best Practice: Make the email festive enough but don’t overdo it. Include a thank you to your customer and a wish of having the best and safe holiday season. Remember, it is the small things that count. 

Christmas Theme Items

It is the holidays and some people like to go all out. This includes decorating the house, bringing out the holiday decor, or wearing or using certain items that display the holiday spirit. Imagine if it is your product that they are using, wearing, or showing during this time of the year.

Best Practice: Offer your original or most popular items in Christmas colors or themes. Have a product that is ONLY released during this time of the year.

Hope you enjoyed these digital marketing ideas for Christmas 2020! 

Happy Holidays!

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