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How Techna Digital Marketing Helped SportsCare PT Grow Their Traffic Over Time

In a hyper-competitive industry such as health and rehabilitation, you need a robust website that can help attract organic traffic. It will allow you to show up on the top search results when your potential target audience is looking for services in the health and rehabilitation industry. As a result, it will drive organic growth and allow businesses to increase their sales.

However, brands might need help to rank their website in the top search results. In this case, you’ll learn how we helped SportsCare PT increase organic traffic, resulting in more online appointments over time. So let’s dive right into it!

About Our Client

SportsCare PT is a reputable name in the physical therapy industry that has been in the business for around 50 years. They have a team of assistants, athletic trainers, and therapists with years of experience providing optimal care. SportsCare PT offers its services in the following areas:

  • Sandy
  • Salem
  • NE Portland
  • Lake Oswego
  • Gresham
  • Clackamas
  • Beaverton

You can also get a consultation regarding whether you need physical therapy or whether you should proceed with further examination from a reputable healthcare practitioner. Unfortunately, SportsCare PT faced the challenge of needing more online appointments.

And that is where we were up for the challenge!

The Problem

The primary issue that SportsCare PT faced was needing more organic traffic on their website. As a result, they could have enhanced their online presence, which can drive a high organic traffic website.

The company’s website failed to attract patients seeking treatment for physical injuries and aftercare to help them lead an everyday life. Therefore, they wanted something to optimize their website to help it rank in the Google Search engine.

We understood the objectives that SportsCare PT aimed to achieve through its website. However, their website needed a revamp to tell people about their goal of providing state-of-the-art therapy techniques and utmost aftercare to make rehabilitation worthwhile.

The Solution

We worked with SportsCare PT to develop a robust strategy that will help them optimize their website using various SEO techniques. It would allow them to show up when their target audience searches for anything and increase organic traffic.

Once organic traffic comes to the website, we need to ensure that the website is user-friendly to encourage the visitor to book an online appointment with SportsCare PT. Look at how we did it!

On-Page SEO

The on-page SEO is critical to ensure that the web pages are optimized well enough to rank on the search engine and lead to more organic traffic.

For SportsCare PT, we first focused on metadata optimization to help search engines with crawling purposes. Next, we focused on optimizing the H1 heading by incorporating the keywords most people search for.

In addition, we fixed crawled errors and added internal links that helped improve the on-site SEO page. Most importantly, adding schema to blog pages made it easier for visitors to find the various relevant blogs on a particular topic.

Technical SEO

Another critical aspect of search engine ranking is technical SEO. It means optimizing the server and the website, allowing search engine spiders to crawl and index the website better. Hence, it would ultimately enhance the SportsCare PT search engine rankings.

First, we did an audit using the SEMrush Audit and fixed various technical issues according to its findings, such as page crawl errors, canonical tags, slow pages, etc.

Another thing that we did was check for any broken external links. This can significantly impact the overall ranking of the site. We also helped the client fix their sitemap.xml and robots.txt.

Moreover, we also fixed some 4xx errors (Refers to the errors that usually occur when a particular webpage doesn’t exist or has restricted access) and 3xx errors (Refers to the errors that require further action from the user agent to fulfill a request).

Off-Page SEO

The client needed some assistance with the Off-Page SEO, and we were ready to help them with it.

So, we first built local citations and directories, listing the complete business information on different forums. This strategy allows Google to improve its ranking since it will receive signals from various trusted online directories.

Next, we focused on the GBP (Google Business Profile) Optimization for Sportscare PT. We helped them with the keyword research for GBP posts to ensure their business shows up when anyone searches for physical therapy in the location where SportsCare PT offers its services.

We focused on the nitty-gritty of the GBP optimization — from adding photos to completing every section and getting Google reviews.

Our experts also used the off-page facto web directory optimization to optimize the SportsCare PT webpage. Unfortunately, only some people know this amazing technique to improve your search engine ranking.

It refers to adding the website’s URL and other relevant information in a particular directory under the appropriate category.

Time Duration and Results

So what were the results for the SportsCare PT, and how long did it take them to achieve them? We started doing comprehensive SEO work on the site at the beginning of 2022 and produced amazing results by the end of Q3 2022.

Organic Search Traffic Increased By 51.69% over a Year.

SportsCare PT had around 5,496 sessions of Organic Search Traffic in Q3 2021. That went up to 8,337 sessions by Q3 2022, which shows an increase of around 51.69%.

Search Impressions Increased By 89.25% over a Year.

There were around 880k total impressions in Q3 2022, which shows an increase of more than 400k from Q3 2021. We improved their search impressions by approximately 89.25% in less than 12 months.

Clicks Increased By 67.64% over a Year.

The improvement in the clicks was also exceptional, where the client received more than 5.18k total clicks in Q3 2022 compared to 3.09k in Q3 2021. This shows a difference of around 67.64% from the previous year.

Overall Outcome: Our efforts allowed SportsCare to see a massive change in their GBP views, web traffic, online submissions, patient volume, and other areas.

The client also praised our amazing services and communication methods. They appreciated how we were quick to respond to emails or any questions they had about anything. Moreover, their suggestions ensured SportsCare that we enjoyed growth in the long run.

We Can Help You Improve and Grow Your Business

Just like we did for SportsCare PT, we can help you optimize your website and ensure that you can increase the organic traffic coming to your website. So let’s collaborate and make your brand the next success story of our company!