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Successful websites start with strategy. Website Strategy starts by thinking about conversion. Remember optimization of your website means getting more traffic and getting that traffic to take action.

Before beginning your website optimization journey, you need to establish your goals and ways to measure your progress. Goals could be to get more traffic to your website, to get more leads or conversions; they could be around branding and rankings.

You need to design a website that encourages people to ACT. A successful website needs 3 supporting strategies (using the acronym ACT):

  • Audience : a deep understanding of your website Visitor.
  • Conversions : How to deliver something of value to your audience that they will want.
  • Traffic : A steady flow of prospects that could use what you offer.


Do you understand why your visitor is coming to your site? What is their motivation? What problem are they looking to solve? What are their demographics (age, education, sex, etc.)? This is website psychology and understanding their motivations. Your goal is to present a website that clearly solves their issue. You want to present the solution to their problem on your home page so that they can understand it with in the first 2-3 seconds of arriving.


Design the solution you can provide so that it solves your visitor’s problem. Make it visible, clear and compelling on your home page. Design a selling sequence with a clear path to action. Take the time to answer their unasked questions. Design trust elements into your website to lessen their fears and show that you are indeed a trustworthy solution.


Decide where your traffic is going to come from before your website is launched. This could be Paid ads such as Adwords, organic SEO, social media, email marketing or some other search engine marketing method. The important thing is to bring qualified and interested prospects to your site.Measure the results of your website strategy; setup a measurement system such as Google Analytics. Establish your key metrics that constitute success and then chart these on a regular basis so you can see your progress.B2B (business-to-business) sales generally has a long selling cycle and you need to design in some sort of interaction strategy. This could be a free report that allows you to collect email addresses and then follow up with sequential auto responders. Another alternative is adding a request a quote form to your website.Contact us today to discuss what your website strategy should be.

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