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Keeping Your Google Ads Budget Under Control

Pay per Click | Posted on Jan 6, 2022 | Last updated on March 14, 2022

Google Ads is one of the best solutions being used today by businesses to reach their potential customers online.  It’s designed by Google to help ad campaigns appear on the search results page of Google every time a user searches for products and services related to what these businesses offer. 

How Does Google Ads Work? 

Possibly the biggest myth about using Google Ads is that those who advertise with the most money get better reach. Of course, having a bigger Google Ads budget is not entirely a bad thing. But the thing with Google Ads is that there are more factors than just a big budget to boost a campaign better. 

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how the tool works: 

  1. Google Ads functions similarly as an auction. Advertisers will bid on keywords related to their industry that they think are used by their potential customers when searching online. 
  2. To be at the top of the search results page of Google, your campaign must have a good Ad Rank. This is calculated through your maximum bid and your Quality Score. Quality Score is Google’s rating system that checks the performance and effectiveness of your keywords, landing pages, and ad campaigns. 
  3. Once your Ad Rank and Quality Score have been reviewed and calculated, Google will then determine how much you’ll pay for every click in your ads. 

Maximizing Your Google Ads Budget

The beauty of using Google Ads is the flexibility of pricing. A common mistake by first-time users is that they quickly spend their budget on a campaign hoping for faster results without paying attention to other key factors that boost a Google Ad campaign. 

The truth is, you have complete control over your budget and how much you are going to bid.

For small to medium businesses who are not willing to spend too much, here are a few tips on how to lessen your Google Ads cost: 

  • Long-tail Keywords

    • Common keywords related to your industry usually have more people bidding on them, which raises the bid higher. Using long-tail keywords, or keywords that have specific search intent and low search volume are most likely to have lower costs on bid. 
  • Negative Keywords

    • Negative keywords prevent your ads from being triggered by irrelevant searches, and prevent you from spending your budget for nothing. With Negative Searches, you can lower your cost-per-click and increase your Quality Score by only appearing to people who are looking for your ads.
  • Keywords with Low Bids

    • Check for keywords with low bids because they are likely to have lower costs. These keywords cost less because they are less competitive than keywords with higher bids. 
  • Geo-Targeting

    • This is one of the most effective techniques in online ads. Applying Geo-Targeting will help you focus only on specific areas where the right target audience is. You can target a city, a region, or even a country. Focusing only on a specific area where your potential customers are increases your clicks and improves your Quality Score, which inevitably lowers your cost. 
  • Prioritizing Quality Score

    • Quality Score plays a huge role in increasing your ranking on the search results page. By improving your Quality Score through your keywords, landing pages, and ad campaigns, you can improve your clicks, therefore lowering your cost as well. 

Benefits of Using Google Ads

Google Ads pricing and the opportunity for low costs are among the many reasons why Google Ads is one of the best tools in digital marketing. 

Here are more reasons to use the tool:

  • Accurate Analytics

    • Google Ads is a transparent tool, which provides straightforward reports about your campaign’s performance. You will know how many times your ad appeared in searches, how many people clicked, and how many clicks turned into conversions. The same analytics report will even tell you what time of day your ad is most successful, and other specific information to help you understand the effectiveness of your campaign. 
  • Measurable Campaign Performance

    • With such transparent analytics, Google Ads enable you to foresee the success or failure of your campaign and make immediate action to change or to drop a campaign and focus on a better-performing one. 
  • Your Competitors Are Using Google Ads

    • Google Ads is an open playing field for all businesses of different sizes. The thing is, Google Ads is a popular digital marketing tool and a useful one at that, and your competitors are looking into using the tool if not already using it to their advantage. 


Digital marketing has opened a lot of opportunities for growth and better reach for businesses everywhere. However, these opportunities come with even more aggressive competition for conversion. Fortunately, there are tools like Google Ads and third-party digital marketing companies to help out. 

Google Ads with Techna

Techna offers a variety of digital marketing solutions aimed at helping small to medium businesses grow their online presence and reach their potential customers through different platforms, using different tools like Google Ads. 

Let Techna help you with a campaign that will cost less and reach more.

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