Performance Review

Web pages and landing pages need to be optimized and fine-tuned for
maximum conversion optimization. We can set-up regular weekly or
monthly meetings to review performance and plan the next steps.

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  • See how your goals are being reached
  • Learn what and how to improve your website
  • Gain an understanding of your websites potential

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What to Expect from Techna Digital

  • Keep checking your website’s loading time and page speed by conducting a website speed audit to enhance the user experience. This will result in increased traffic and sales.
  • Optimizing Images that are useful for resulting in improved search engine indexing and delivering content at a faster rate.
  • Test browser and device compatibility and making sure the website is responsive especially on mobile.
  • Google Search console and Analytics review. To check the insights on how well the website is working and looking for some suggestions on how to make the website work even better.

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