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Local SEO services

Local businesses like a florist, a restaurant, a lawyer, or a plumber all need a website. Your customers expect it. Not only do you need a website, you need it to come up in the local search results. Local SEO services involves the process of optimizing your website so it will come up when your customers search on Google.

In local search engine optimization, keywords include the broad keyword phrase and a local geographic term such as your city or state. People will typically search locally for Woodland Hills florist, Denver restaurants or Atlanta plumber when they want a local business. With local business SEO, you will see results much faster than for national phrases.

Promote Your Business Locally With Local SEO Services

  1. Local SEO:”Localize” your website by combining broad keyword phrases such as “homes for sale” (if you are a realtor) and local geographic modifiers. These geographic modifiers are city, state, zip code or local land marks. Show cities or neighborhoods you serve, include local phone numbers and include your business address.
  2. Local Directories: Submit your business to as many directory listings as possible. These should range from online yellow pages to hundreds of other directories. Some will be free and some will be paid. Find ones that are relevant to your market niche.
  3. Google Places: Sometimes called the Google Map listing or Google 7-pack listing. Listings are free for any business; you will just need a local business address and local phone number. Fill out your listing completely including business hours. You can choose multiple business categories. You do not need a website in order to have a Google Places listing. This listings can be optimized just like websites.
  4. Mobile site: People that search on the phone or mobile device are generally searching for local businesses. Create a small screen version of your website that is easily viewed on a phone. The mobile web is the high growth area for local business web marketing. Use an automatic switcher script so the mobile version of your website is presented when viewed on a mobile phone.
  5. Social Media: Create a Facebook page and set-up a YouTube channel. Look at setting up a Twitter account. If you blog, you can have your blog automatically feed to your Facebook page and send out a tweet on Twitter.

Local search and local SEO can make a powerful difference in any business, but particularly in a local business where people have an immediate need and the Internet has replaced yellow pages for finding someone to do business with. Contact us today to get started.

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