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Marketing Strategy Comes First

Creating a top level strategy is the first step I take when I work with my clients. Starting with your business objectives, targeting and positioning, we craft a marketing strategy to help you reach your business goals.  Each marketing initiative such as your website, SEO or Adwords campaign should work toward meeting your market strategy.

I have always applied this approach to my own business. It was only after I had created a marketing strategy for myself that I sold my existing, 15 person brick and mortar website services business and struck out on my own.

The marketing strategy for Techna Digital Marketing is straightforward. I am an internet marketing consultant operating a virtual firm offering services I understand (business consulting, digital marketing & website-related services) to a market I am familiar with (small – medium size businesses).

My business model is unique. I am an experienced business consultant that is experienced in all phased of running a profitable mid-sized enterprise with hundreds of employees. I have chosen to specialize in digital marketing.

This structure and focus is a win – win for both me and my clients. In my virtual, low overhead – high margin organizational structure I can meet my revenue goals with a relatively small number of clients. This in turn allows me to provide personal service to each and keep my rates very affordable. So far, it’s all working as planned. The time I spent creating my marketing strategy and plan is paying off. A similar effort will pay off for you, too.

This is why I place marketing strategy first for all my clients. Without it, you don’t have a road map to achieve your overall business goals.

It really is about the marketing strategy

start with marketing strategy

Beginning as an experienced, MBA-trained business consultant first and then acquiring specialized internet marketing skills has provided me with a toolkit containing unique capabilities when compared to the key personnel in most internet marketing firms. There, they typically begin as coders or graphic artists and later announce they are internet marketing consultants.

The practical effect of this difference is that when you work with us you will begin with a marketing strategy that is reflective of your unique business, what it offers, the makeup of its customer base and competition. Then, with that in place, we determine a digital marketing strategy that effectively contributes to the overall marketing effort.

What will be your experience working with us?

Boutique Agency Environment: You are part of a relatively small client base and you and I work together one-on-one. I can personally ensure quality and service. Also, I have a history and personal relationship with each member of my network of trusted service providers and am certain of their competence.

Senior Management Experience: I have successfully run multi-million dollar corporate divisions and am accomplished in planning, organization, operations, marketing and sales. Every client gets the benefit of this experience.

Marketing Strategy First: I have formed hundreds of successful marketing strategies for small and medium size businesses worldwide.

Digital Marketing Experience: I built, ran and sold a successful 15 person website services firm, developed hundreds of websites and authored four books related to websites and digital marketing.

Connections: You will have access to my network of proven, highly capable professionals; all possessing extensive digital marketing-related skills. Together, we have the capability to develop your winning marketing strategy.

Are you ready to get started? Give us a call or complete the quote request form that is on every page. I look forward to working with you.

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