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Focus on Your Best Buyer


The difference between a poor performing website and a successful online business is in how well you understand your customer. Don’t make the mistake of trying to sell to everybody. Instead focus on your best buyer. This is your ideal customer that most wants what you have to offer.

A visitor comes to your website to solve a problem or a need. If you clearly understand their needs and you can anticipate their questions, your website will be a welcome answer to what they are seeking.

Identify your best buyer and what they are searching for. What specifically are they expecting you to help them with? Create a focused message that answers the needs of your best buyer. You need to grab their attention, show them you offer what they are searching for and then build their interest.

They are the easiest to convert from first time lookers into customers. Address the specific needs of that customer and how you will solve a problem of directly benefit them. Ask yourself, “How will what I offer make my customer’s life better?”

Start by asking a few questions about this group.

  • What problem, goal or need is driving them to search for your product?
  • What is the main obstacle that might stop them from choosing what you sell?
  • What one thing is most likely to persuade this group to immediately buy once they learn this about your product?

Best buyer strategies

Target: Identify who you most want to attract to your website. Use a tool like the Demographics Prediction Tool that will show what demographics a particular phrase is most likely to attract.

Profile: Tune your website to focus on your best customers. You do this by creating a behavioral profile of your best buyer. Behavior is considered the best way to predict future actions, so understanding what drives behavior is critical. It helps you to design into your site value, trust and persuasion to purchase.

Keywords: Carefully select the keyword phrase you optimize your website for. Choose phrases that best match your targeted buyer. What answer are visitors looking for when they arrive? What is their intent?

Content: You are educating and providing information that customers would find helpful. You are providing relevant content that will grab the attention of these future customers.

Offer something for free. This is something that your best buyer would find irresistible. This could be a newsletter, a free membership, a free analysis or some special free report. Gather these email addresses and follow up with email marketing.

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