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Does having Flash on your website hurt your search rankings?

It is the absence of text that will hurt your rankings. Having Flash within your website does not hurt. Think of Flash much like any other graphic image; there is no text in Flash for the search engines to read.

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Will you take on Adult websites or Casino websites?

No, we won’t take on “Pills, Porn or Casino” websites. These types of websites are also difficult to get ranked on Google.

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Is PageRank is a good measure of your website’s back links?

No. You need to look at the actual back link profile. Majestic.com has some excellent tools to do this. Most people look at Google PageRank that Google displays on toolbars. This PageRank information is about 3 months old and it has been at least 3 months since Google already gave you credit for the links….

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What is deep linking?

Deep links are considered more important than home page links in SEO. Deep links are inbound links that point to a specific page on a site other than the home page. Deep linking is considered the more natural linking method that occurs naturally over time on a website.

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Is there automated software that does link building?

No. People are always looking for the easy solution… the magic bullet. Link building is hard work. The natural solution is to add a blog to your website and write insightful original postings that others will want to link to.

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Why is link building important?

Getting incoming links from other websites is very important in your SEO effort. A large number of backlinks from relevant websites signals the search engines that your website is very important. Using your keyword phrases in the anchor text tells the search engines what your web page is about.

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Does Google hate SEO?

No, SEO done correctly simply effectively communicates to Google what your website is about. Google offers advice on SEO methods, offers tools to help do SEO effectively and has spokesmen talking about proper SEO methods. Google employees regularly speak at SEO conferences. SEO done to manipulate search results is against Google’s terms of service. Instead SEO…

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Is SEO is a collection of tricks designed to fool search engines?

SEO done correctly brings targeted traffic to your website that is searching for what you offer. The object is not to fool the search engines, it is to communicate exactly what your web page and your site is about.

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Should I add a robots follow META tag to my pages?

No, this is not necessary. The default for search engine crawlers is to automatically follow the links on a page. Adding a robots follow tag will not get your site crawled any faster. If there is content that you so not want crawled or indexed, then you should use a “nofollow” tag.

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Will you submit my website to the search engines?

No. This was important to do in the ‘90s. This is no longer true. Spiders crawl through links as long as you have people linking to your site.

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