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Digital Marketing Services

The winners in the today’s hyper-competitive marketing arena aren’t those who simply check the boxes. In other words, it’s not enough to market your business with a laundry list of techniques such as, e.g. Yellow Pages, digital marketing services, newspaper ads, SEO services, brochures, etc.The difference between winning and losing is how well your marketing efforts integrate the traditional (offline) and digital (online) marketing techniques you are employing.

Here’s why many online marketing firms don’t get it right … there is a basic, fundamental difference between online and offline marketing. If the strategies chosen don’t allow for this difference the results will always be less than satisfactory.

Traditional marketing is a “push,” that is to say an unsolicited product or service is pushed toward the buyer via, e.g. the message on the billboard or radio. Digital marketing is a “pull,” that is to say there are people on their computers searching for what you offer. You pull them to your website with search engine optimization.

But – and this is crucial – once they are on your site, your message switches and becomes a push because your site is a point of purchase and it is constructed to directly influence the visitor to make a positive buying decision.

We have deliberately structured our digital marketing services to get this balance right. Between offering real world, proven advice as well as expert SEO services, our client’s websites enjoy uncommon success.

Summary of Digital Marketing Services

Website Services

We focus upon capturing prospects by engaging them with your value proposition within the first 10 seconds they are on your site. As they continue, they will read tightly organized, clearly communicated messaging and persuasive calls to action. Our websites generate leads for your business and are always optimized for viewing on all screen sizes.

SEO Services

There are over 700 million (!) websites on the world wide web … how can people possibly find yours? We are experts at building in the latest and most effective SEO methods, whether you operate locally or internationally. This means more leads and more sales.

Content Services

Finding the best balance between “push,” “pull,” and SEO-friendly phrasing, our content experts can provide turnkey blogging, website content and verbiage for compelling email marketing campaigns.

Digital marketing isn’t just about websites. We also offer SEO training, strategy consulting, creating video marketing, and business coaching … the latter two through our network of trusted partners.

Our digital marketing services are customized to your business and your market. We tailor our marketing strategies to your needs so we get you real results. Give us a call today to see how we can help your business.

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