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Producing quality content for your new website can be quite a challenge for most businesses. This is the step in producing websites that creates the biggest delay in building your new website. Our answer is to offer copywriting services so you can get a completed website sooner and with website content written to give your website a polished and professional image.

Your website is an important part of creating your digital brand. The content on your website creates your voice and message that projects your brand. Great writing creates an emotional spark with the reader and does not merely provide information.

Writing for the web is different than writing for print. Writing content for your website is brief and to the point with shorter paragraphs, shorter sentences and fewer words. Why?  They are able to read a paper document 25% faster. It is physically harder to read from the screen. It is harder on the eyes. There are a lot of reasons for this such as sharpness of font, font size, contrast, position of the screen.

We have a team of content writers to provide our copywriting services. How do we get the information to write your web pages? Typically we like to setup a time to talk with you, ask you questions and record the conversation for our writers. We then create a draft that you can review and edit.

Want to write your own website content?  Here are some tips to help.

Copy Writing Tips for the Web

  1. Easy to scan: Your reader wants to scan down your web page and get the gist of it before reading. The main points should stand out in sub-headlines, lists, images, colors, italics and indented text.
  2. Reader focused: Spend less time writing about your company and answer how you will solve their problem. Remember, your primary duty is to give them what they need.
  3. Page Headline: The headline sets the tone. It grabs attention…or not. It reveals a promise. It raises hopes. It creates surprise. Your headline has to be the most powerful text on your page.
  4. Get their attention: When they first arrive, they need to immediately see your sales pitch, your offering and even your order button. Don’t make them scroll down or switch pages.
  5. Keywords for SEO: Your most important keyword phrase should be used a minimum of 3 times. Once in the headline, once in the first paragraph and once in text that will be hyperlinked to another relevant page on your site. Other keywords should be used 1-2 times.

Good content writing entertains, educates and convinces your audience. By skillfully weaving in keywords, content writing also gets the attention of the search engines.

Interested in learning more about our copywriting services? Give us a call at (503) 389-5650(503) 389-5650 and we can discuss your needs.

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