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web design trends 2022
10 Web Design Trends to Keep an Eye in 2022
Website Design

The web design trends you see now will continue to evolve, and web designers need to stay up-to-date on what the future holds by basing on the web design trends 2022. We are going to explore ten web design trends that you can explore in 2022. These designs are not set in stone but based…

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turn lookers into buyers
Tune The Mobile Version of Your Website
Mobile Web

Mobile users are quick to abandon a site that loads slowly or is hard to view. Many websites are designed for desktop and are never tuned to the mobile phone. Yet 50-70% of website traffic likely is coming from mobile. Most websites are mobile responsive which means that the layout adapts to the screen size….

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Accelerated Mobile Pages
How AMP Impacts SEO
Mobile Web | SEO Strategies

In February 2016, Google launched their Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project. The move was made to decrease the loading time of web pages, especially when they are browsed on mobile devices. AMPs are also quite useful for mobile browsing in areas with low signals. The number one question on every publisher’s mind, however, is this:…

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website security
WordPress Security Best Practices
Website Design | Website Planning

15 Steps to Lock Down Your WordPress Website WordPress websites are a common target of hackers because WordPress is the world’s most popular website platform. WordPress security best practices use a layered security approach to maximize your protection.   Secure server environment Website firewall WordPress security procedures Start With a Secure Server Environment Start with…

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Latest Web Design Trends
Website Design

Web design is an ever-evolving internet trend. It requires a lot of study and skills just to keep up with the latest web designs and digital techniques. So keeping up with all these are essential for one to succeed in the field, as the demand is always high. Every year, new or updated web design…

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optimize mobile speed
Why You Should Optimize Mobile Speed
Mobile Web | SEO Strategies | Website Design

Mobile page speed refers to the speed a website loads in a mobile device, such as smartphones or tablets. In today’s day and age, where most people use smartphones, the speed of a mobile page is more important than ever. The problem is, most of the time, a website still loads faster on a desktop…

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New website design
Landscape Maintenance Website Design: Before and After
Website Design

We had a call from a Portland Oregon landscape maintenance company with a request to make their current website design mobile compatible. They were happy with their website design that was created by a local graphic designer 2 years ago. That designer was no longer doing freelance work which is why they gave me a…

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dentist websites
Dentist Websites Should Reflect Their High Tech Practice
Website Design

Over the past 25 years the business of dentistry has changed dramatically. Much of the change has been fueled by technology. Dentist websites needs to reflect the quality of care and the technology used in the dental practice. In the early 90’s, dentists marketed themselves using yellow page ads in the phone directory or using…

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House Painter Service Area Maps
Use Google Maps to Create Service Area Maps for Your Site
Website Design

Are you looking for an effective way to visually create service area maps for your business? This is especially true companies that provide home contractor services such as house painters or heating and cooling HVAC companies. On your website you want to communicate where you provide services without having to state where you won’t go….

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dental websites
7 Musts for Dental Websites To Bring In More Patients
Website Design

You need a website for your dentistry practice. Maybe it is a new website or maybe you want to redesign it to create a better image or get more new patients. You are trying to figure out what is important for dental websites. You have several options for your new website. You can purchase a…

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