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How to Check If Your Core Web Vitals Suck?
SEO Strategies | Web Usability

Last November 11, 2020, Google announced the roll-out of another important ranking factor: the Page Experience Signal in May 2021. This announcement is very significant because it’s the first time ever that Google has introduced a UX-based ranking signal. All ranking signals before this usually have to do with how search engines view a website,…

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5 Easy Tips on How to Optimize Google My Business
Local Search | SEO Strategies

If you are reading this blog, chances are you already have a Google My Business (GMB) account set up and are looking for ways on how to optimize your google my business. Here are five key tips on how to optimize Google My Business. In case you have not set your Google My Business account,…

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SEO Trends for the Year 2021
SEO Strategies

2020 has been one of the craziest years. Another year is upon us and we have to make sure we are ready for what else is coming. Here are some of the SEO trends for the year in 2021. 10 SEO Trends for 2021 1. Optimize for Mobile With over 50% of search traffic coming…

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improve SEO with social media
How To Improve SEO with Social Media
SEO Strategies | Social Media Marketing

Do you have social media profiles? Are you optimizing them? If not, take a look at this blog on how to improve SEO with your Social Media. 3 Easy Tips on How To Improve SEO with Social Media Provide quality content to boost the likelihood of sharing. Prepare for research on your social media profiles….

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UX and SEO Best Practices
SEO Strategies | Website Design

To have a great website (especially mobile), you will need to mix some UX and SEO best practices together to ensure optimal results. Let me start by explaining UX, then SEO. But, since you may already know about SEO, I will quickly talk about it and how it plays alongside UX, and why you should…

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Google Answers: How to make a grand entrance on the results page
Link Popularity

Do you want to be the first thing someone finds when they are looking something up? If so, you got to get to this spot called, Google Answers. Google Answers is also called the Google Answer Box, Featured Snippets, and Rank Zero. Sounds cool right? Well, it is! Have you ever noticed when searching, Google…

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Design Your Website for User Experience
SEO Strategies | Website Design | Website Planning

When a customer comes to your website, you only have seconds to influence them. By focusing on the user experience (often called UX design), you strive to create a frictionless experience that aligns with their daily life. A web page designed for the user experience will convert much better. What would a good UX Design…

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Use Google Display Advertising to target People Visiting Your Competition
Pay per Click

Ever wondered how you could advertise to people that are going to your competitors’ websites? Or reach people that actively search for products or service that you provide? Google has some great display ad technology that allows you to specify a custom intent audience. What is A Google Custom Intent Audience? Google AdWords Display Advertising…

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Google Maps service area
Best And Easiest Way To Create A Service Area Map
Local Search | SEO Strategies

If you have any type of business, even one without a brick-and-mortar location, a service area map is essential. Defining the area within which you are able to provide service, such as food delivery or plumbing or babysitting, is an important element of your online presence, which is important to any kind of business. Aside…

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The Importance Of Service Area Map In Your Online Business
Local Search | SEO Strategies

Today, finding a product or service is as easy as taking your phone out, typing a few keywords, and tapping “search.” There’s no need to ask around, pick up a phone and make calls, or leaf through the Yellow Pages. Practically everything the customer base needs is right at their fingertips. As such, businesses need…

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